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How to Stream on Android, iOS, Firestick & Smart TV – Yeah IPTV

VOD20,000+ (8,000+ series)
Multiple ConnectionsYes
Customer SupportYes
Current StatusActive
Price Range$21.99 to $226.83
Website Link

Goat Media IPTV is a well-known IPTV provider offering its services on a subscription basis. It offers a variety of plans to its users. By subscribing to Goat Media IPTV, you’ll get access to 14,000 TV channels, 20,000 VOD content, etc. In addition to this, it is available to stream on several devices, making it easy for users. For those looking for a quality and reliable IPTV provider, go for Goat Media IPTV without any second thoughts.

Why Choose Goat Media IPTV?

  • The IPTV offers a lot of packages to choose from.
  • Provides a 48-hour free trial to its new users.
  • It has a separate section for TV series with 8,000+ content.
  • It can be played on several platforms and devices like Android, Windows, iOS, Kodi, Formuler, etc.


Goat Media IPTV provides several subscription plans to its users. Its current plans are listed below.

1-month (2 connections)$21.03
1-month (4 connections)$37.88
2-month (4 connections)$66
3-month (2 connections)$59.33
3-month (4 connections)$92
6-month (2 connections)$102.94
6-month (4 connections)$157.50
1 year (2 connections)$164.55
1 year (4 connections)$226.83

Why is a VPN necessary while Streaming Goat Media IPTV?

Streaming IPTV content without a VPN exposes your original IP and makes you vulnerable to privacy breaches and cyber attacks. Meanwhile, some of the IPTV services may be geo-restricted in your country. So, it is advisable to choose and use a VPN on your device to secure your privacy and data while watching IPTV content.

Since you can find a lot of VPNs online, we recommend you sign up for NordVPN since the service offers various security features. Currently, NordVPN offers a 67% discount + 3 months free as a New Year’s deal for all subscribers.

How to Sign Up for Goat Media IPTV?

1. Go to Goat Media IPTV’s official website on a browser.

2. Scroll down the page, and you can find its plans displayed.

3. After deciding on a plan, click on Buy Now. The plan gets added to your cart.

4. On the cart page, enter your e-mail address and click on Check Out.

5. Now, the payments section opens up. Choose PayPal as payment option and then click Checkout.

Goat Media IPTV Payment screen

6. After successful payment, your IPTV credentials will get sent to your registered e-mail ID.

How to Stream Goat Media IPTV on Android Smartphones

1. Turn on your Android device and connect it to the internet.

2. Now, go to the Google Play Store on your device and search for the Master IPTV Player app.

3. Click on Install to download and install the Master IPTV player from the Play Store.

Install Master IPTV

4. Now, paste the M3U URL link provided by Goat Media IPTV on this player.

5. After this, you can start streaming your favorite TV channels and Shows on your device.

How to Watch Goat Media IPTV on Smart TV

1. Go to the Apps section on your Android TV and open the Google Play Store.

2. Search for ZalTV Player and click Install to download it.

3. Then, click Open and launch the app.

4. Enter your IPTV link in the displayed field and click Activate.

Enter Goat Media IPTV link

5. Now, you can watch the IPTV content on the big screen.

How to Stream Goat Media IPTV on iPhone

1. Turn on your iPhone or iPad and connect it to the internet.

2. Now, search for GSE Smart IPTV in the App Store and download it to your device.

GSE Smart IPTV Player for Goat Media IPTV

3. After downloading, launch the app by clicking Open.

4. Now, integrate the M3U URL provided by Goat Media IPTV within this app.

5. After this, you can start watching your favorite TV Channels on your iOS devices.

How to Get Goat Media IPTV on Apple TV

1. Turn on your Apple TV after connecting it to a TV screen.

2. On the App Library, locate and launch the App Store.

3. Click on the Search icon and type Smarters Player Lite.

4. Search for the app and click Get after finding it.

5. Open the app and enter Goat IPTV username, password and M3U link in the respective fields.

Click Login

6. Click Add User and start streaming the IPTV channels.

How to Stream Goat Media IPTV on Firestick

1. Turn on your Firestick and go to its home screen.

2. Click the Find icon and enter Downloader in the Search bar.

Firestick Home screen

3. Search and go to the app page. Click on Download and install the app.

Open Downloader

4. After that, go to Firestick’s home screen and click on Settings.

5. Scroll down and click on My Fire TV.

My Fire TV

6. In that, choose Developer Options and consecutively select Install unknown apps.

7. Choose the Downloader app and turn it on to allow the installation of unknown apps.

Toggle on Downloader

8. Again, head back to Firestick’s home screen and launch the Downloader app.

9. Paste the IPTV Smarters Pro APK URL [] in the search field and click Go. The APK file will be downloaded after this.

10. Now, install the app and launch it.

11. By using the M3U URL provided by Goat IPTV Media, you can watch its content through the IPTV Smarters Pro player.

How to Stream Goat Media IPTV on PCs

For both Windows and Mac, you are required to install an Android emulator like Bluestacks to stream Goat Media IPTV.

1. Turn on your PC and connect it to the internet.

2. Visit the official website of Bluestacks from a browser to download and install the Android emulator.

3. Now, launch BlueStacks and log into your Google account.

4. Now, go to its Play Store and search for OTT Navigator IPTV Player.

Open Play Store

5. Download the OTT Navigator app and launch it.

6. Paste the M3U URL of Goat Media IPTV within the player.

7. Now, start watching your favorite IPTV content.

How to Stream Goat Media IPTV on Samsung & LG Smart TVs

1. Turn on your Samsung or LG Smart TV and connect it to the internet.

2. Search for Flix IPTV in their respective app stores and install it on your device.

Flix IPTV Player

3. Now, launch the app.

4. Note down the MAC address of your TV and visit the activation website of Flix IPTV [] from any web browser device.

5. Now, provide the M3U URL of the IPTV provider and the MAC address of your TV in the required fields and click Send.

6. Start watching your favorite IPTV content on your LG or Samsung Smart TV.

How to Stream Goat Media IPTV on MAG

1. Connect your MAG device to your Smart TV and internet.

2. Go to the Settings option of MAG and choose System settings → Servers → Portals.

Go to System settings

3. Enter the playlist name and M3U URL in the Portal 1 name and Portal 1 URL field and click Save.

Enter Portal 1 URL

4. Now, restart the device to start streaming the IPTV content.

How to Stream Goat Media IPTV on Enigma 2

1. Turn on your Enigma device. Go to its Settings and navigate to Setup → System Network Devices  Setup Adapter → Settings options.

2. Note the IP address displayed and visit the official website of PuTTY on your PC.

3. Download and launch the PuTTY software.

4. Select the Host Name and enter the IP address of your Enigma 2 device.

5. Choose Telnet as the Connection Type and then click on the Open option at the bottom.

Click Open

6. Select Root as the default login and provide the M3U URL of Goat Media IPTV.

7. Click Open and restart your Enigma 2 device.

8. After a restart, you can start streaming the IPTV content on your Enigma 2 device.

How to Stream Goat Media IPTV on Kodi

1. Install the Kodi app on your device and launch it.

2. Click on the TV option provided on the left side and click on Enter add-on browser.

Click Enter add-on browser

3. From the available list of add-ons, search for PVR IPTV Simple Client and install it.

Download an add-on

4. After installation, launch the add-on and click on Configure.

5. To access the Remote path (Internet address), go to the left pane and select General.

6. Tap on the M3U Play List URL field and enter the M3U URL of the IPTV provider.

7. Click on Enable and load the IPTV’s channel content.

Watch Goat Media IPTV using Kodi Add-on

8. Now, navigate to the Channels option and open Goat Media IPTV.

9. Start streaming IPTV content through Kodi.

How to Stream Goat Media IPTV on Formuler

1. Connect your Formuler device to your TV and a stable Wi-Fi network.

2. Launch the MyTV Online app and click on the Connections option provided to the left.

Click Connections

3. Then, click on the Add Portal option and paste the Goat IPTV’s M3U file link.

Click Add Portal

4. After feeding the required data, click Connect.

Click connect to watch Goat Media IPTV

5. Now, you can watch IPTV content through Formuler.

Customer Support

Alternatives to Goat Media IPTV

If you are not satisfied with Goat Media IPTV, try the IPTV providers mentioned below.


Galaxy IPTV for Goat Media IPTV

Galaxy IPTV has more than 50,000 movies and TV shows, along with more than 500 live TV channels in its library. These channels and on-demand titles are from across the globe in different languages. Also, you can access Galaxy IPTV on Android, iOS, Smart TV, PC, and Firestick. Its base plan costs €10 per month.

Mango IPTV

Mango IPTV for Goat Media IPTV

Mango IPTV is one of the fewest reliable IPTV providers, which offers you streaming of over 1,49,000+ TV channels and 70,000+ VOD content from various countries. Since it offers its playlist in M3U format, you can stream the IPTV on your device by downloading stable IPTV player apps. You can also stream the original content of popular streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and more.

Network24 IPTV

Network24 IPTV for Goat Media IPTV

Network 24 IPTV is one of the most popular IPTV services. It offers several live channels, movies, TV shows, Video-on-demand (VOD), and more at a very budget-friendly price. Its base plan costs $10 per month, and along with that, it offers a free trial of 6 hours to its new users.

The official URL for this IPTV service is

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