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Italy passes new law blocking IPTV pirate services – Yeah IPTV

Italy passed a new law Block IPTV pirate services and other illegal forms of live broadcasting.

Passed by the Italian Senate, this new law aims to block pirated streaming sources and IPTV services.

Italian Senate passes new IPTV blocking law

The new legislation plans to remove live events with “content disseminated illegally”, including by introducing urgent precautionary measures.

Italy is no stranger to online piracy battles, as we’ve seen authorities take action to block streaming services and even ChatGPT access.

Although the details of this process are not yet fully resolved, it appears that the Italian Communications Authority or AGCOM will have ultimate oversight.


This latest bill aims to stop illegal broadcasts directly through “rapid blocking measures.”

Ultimately, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are given the power to block access to illegal streams by blocking traffic to IP addresses associated with the broadcast.

This latest bill aims to nip illegal broadcasts in the bud "quick lockdown measures."

Here’s a direct quote from the bill on the means by which illegal content will be blocked.

“Specifically, AGCOM can order service providers, including network access providers, to block access to illegal content by blocking DNS resolution of domain names and forwarding traffic over the network to IP addresses designated exclusively for illegal activities.” upon acceptance of this provision, AGCOM will also order the blocking of all future domain names, subdomains, where technically possible, or IP addresses attributable to anyone, including name changes or simple declension or extension (so-called top-level domain). which allows access to the same illegally distributed content or to content of the same nature.”

The legislation continues to mention live broadcasts, including sporting events, being quickly removed using similar blocking techniques.

Italy passed a new law to block IPTV pirate services and other illegal forms of live broadcasting.

In these cases, AGCOM and service providers have the ability to remove these streams and IPTV broadcasts without full legal process.

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AGCOM has broad powers in these cases and can ultimately request any ISP, search engine or other online entity to remove the content immediately.

These disability measures include:

  • network access service providers;
  • to search engine operators and information society service providers who are involved in some capacity with the accessibility of the website or illegal services;
  • for the Internet hotline of the European Union from Europol;
  • to the person who applied for the enactment of the measure.

‘According to the notification, the network access service providers, the search engine operators and the information society service providers are in some way involved in the accessibility of the website or illegal services carry out the determination of the authority without delay and in any case within 30 minutes the notification.”

This means that any illegal broadcast will be shut down within 30 minutes of AGCOM receiving notification of the stream.

All information obtained from these lockdown measures will then be forwarded to the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Rome for further investigation.

Ultimately, this will likely involve identifying IP addresses associated with the broadcast or viewing of content deemed illegal.

All the details of the new bill are not yet clear, including the technical requirements and tools needed to disable these broadcasts.

Although we’ve seen numerous cases of website blocking actions around the world, the Italian Senate’s recent bill seems to be the most far-reaching and stringent.

It will be interesting to see how these tactics are used and whether or not they work.

You can read the entire Senato della Repubblica bill or watch the original story on TorrentFreak.

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