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Kodi 20.2 Nexus Version – New Features and Installation – Yeah IPTV

This news report from IPTV Wire covers the official release of Kodi 20.2 Nexus.

code is one of the most popular streaming apps and media center used by cord cutters all over the world.

This is because of the hundreds of third-party Kodi addons and builds that users can install for free for Movies, TV Shows, IPTV, Sports and much more.

According to the official Kodi development team, version 20.2 of the Kodi 20 Nexus software is now complete.

The official Kodi website press release says about Kodi 20.2 Nexus:

“As is always inevitable with software, we are back with a new version of Kodi Nexus. A bunch of bug fixes, some backports, no real new features. Full changelog since 20.1 on Github, as usual.”

Kodi 20.2 Nexus is now that most stable version the Kodi software. This has replaced the previous version 20.1.

If you are currently using version 20.0 Nexus or any version of 19 Matrix and it works fine for you then We do not recommend updating!

Below is our guide on how to update to this Nexus version 20.2.

How to update Kodi

Important NOTE: Most Kodi addons, repositories, builds, and other third-party options work best on Kodi 20.2 Nexus as this is now the stable version of the software.

Below are the Kodi 20 Nexus version 20.2 release notes. These were pulled directly from the official Kodi website.

Release Notes

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Kodi 20.2 Nexus Features and Details

20.2 Release Notes

Version 20.2 of Kodi 20 Nexus was released on July 2nd, 2023.


  • A number of E-AC3 related fixes have been backported.


  • Made a fix for the Music Viz screen @enen92 striving to pursue the elusive goal of perfection
  • Fixes the search bar timer when searching.

game/retro player

  • Fixed a crash due to memory exhaustion when using some emulators.


  • A whole bunch of fixes have been made to fix building Kodi with GCC13.

platform specific

  • Android
    • A fix for a crash that occurred when more than 100 jobs were scheduled for the Android TV recommendation channels.
    • On some old Android devices that had both MediaTek and Google decoders for some media, using the Google decoder was preferred because the MediaTek decoders cannot play audio in encrypted streams.
  • Linux
    • Reverted a PR that fixes some Linux setups to use the more general library (GL) instead of the specific GLX library.
  • macOS/iOS
  • Windows
    • Fixes HDR playback when Windows was already in HDR mode.
    • A backported fix for a potential deadlock for Xbox users when using pixel shaders and SW decoding.



  • @garbear backported a fix for setting image and game information via info tags.
  • Added GameInfo to Player class to allow getting/setting GameInfoTag data.
  • A fix was backported that mainly affected Linux platforms: the path used when looking for modules added Kodi script paths to the end of the list and could therefore potentially contain system Python scripts/modules instead of Kodi-specific scripts/modules find



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Final note from the Kodi developers:

“As always, thanks to everyone who helped us track down and fix any issues. We aim to minimize the issues everyone faces, but with a project this big and everyone working on Kodi being a volunteer, issues and bugs are part of life. If you encounter any bugs/problems, don’t hesitate to report on the forums or raise an issue on Github.”

How to Install Kodi 20.2 Nexus

There are several ways to install the latest version of Kodi 20.2 Nexus on your favorite Kodi device.

The best way to install Kodi 20.2 Nexus is from the download page on the official Kodi website.

How to Install Kodi 20.2 Nexus
Official Kodi download site

Those using Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV devices will likely have better luck installing it ARMV7A (32bit) APK file.

Overall, feel free to try the brand new version of Kodi on your favorite streaming device!

However, note that this is not the official stable version of Kodi as most third-party add-ons will not work properly.

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