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Pirate IPTV Defendant Considered a Flight Risk – Yeah IPTV

A pirate IPTV defendant is now considered a flight risk after his plans were uncovered to restart pirate IPTV operations in another country.

The world of streaming has transformed how we consume media. With the rise of legitimate platforms, there’s also been an uptick in pirate IPTV services.

These services, sometimes serving millions of users, can operate seamlessly until they face the wrath of law enforcement.

While many people have transitioned from expensive cable subscriptions to more affordable internet TV, there’s a segment of users who gravitate towards the cheapest — and sometimes illegal — plans.

Pirate IPTV services are thus thriving, as they offer a viable, albeit unauthorized, alternative.

A Massive Blow to Pirate IPTV Operations

Dutch fiscal police (FIOD) recently dismantled one of the biggest IPTV operations in Europe. Notably, this wasn’t a random crackdown.

The targeted operation was an IPTV behemoth, acting as a backbone to numerous smaller IPTV resellers, cumulatively serving over a million subscribers.

Key players in this illegal empire were arrested, including GLOBE Datacenter, with over 1,200 servers taken offline. Such was the impact that the shutdown led to TVs in hundreds of thousands of homes going dark overnight.

However, in their bid to dismantle the operation, authorities mistakenly shut down the websites of innocent companies, a mishap later addressed upon media intervention.

The Mastermind Behind the Operation

Amidst the crackdown, Hicham O., a 30-year-old Dutchman, emerged as a significant figure. As a manager and shareholder of Globe Datacenter and Satellite Wholesale BV in Almere, his arrest shed light on the scale of the operation.

Hicham is accused of laundering an astounding 17.5 million euros. Arrested conversations revealed that he boasted of monthly revenues to half a million euros, with profits amounting to 200,000 euros.

Despite his pleas of facing mental struggles and his family’s precarious financial situation, the court denied his release. The reason? He’s seen as a flight risk, especially given his dual nationality (Dutch and Moroccan) and his potential to relocate to Morocco to rejuvenate the pirate IPTV business.

Public Perception and the Impact on Legitimate Businesses

The prosecutor emphasized the normalization of pirate IPTV subscriptions. The attitude that’s infiltrated certain sections of society is concerning. Why pay substantial amounts for legitimate streaming when pirate versions are available for a fraction of the cost? This viewpoint has strained legitimate streaming platforms, with companies like Viaplay facing financial troubles.

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While it’s not definitively clear how much of Viaplay’s financial woes are directly attributable to pirate services, it’s evident that such illegal operations are creating significant disruptions in the streaming industry.

The trial against Hicham O. is set for next year, and he isn’t the sole defendant. Multiple players are involved, and their trials will unfold on various dates.


The IPTV piracy issue underlines a broader debate about content consumption, legality, and the sustainability of legitimate streaming platforms.

As law enforcement agencies intensify their crackdowns and trials like Hicham O.’s come to the fore, the world will be watching.

It remains to be seen if these legal measures will serve as a deterrent or if pirate services will continue to evolve and find new ways to operate.

Whatever the case, the battle between piracy and legitimate streaming is far from over.

For more information on this story, refer to the report on TorrentFreak and an article from Dutch Local Media.

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