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Pirate IPTV Services Pay $30M in Copyright Damages – Yeah IPTV

Operators of two IPTV pirate services have been ordered to pay $30 million in damages for copyright infringement.

While the lawsuit against these IPTV piracy services originated in 2021, the MPA and its members recently got away with $30 million in damages.

Pirate IPTV Services Pay $30M in Damages

The services in question are AllAccessTV and Quality Restreams. Two US based IPTV pirate operations that offered thousands of live channels, VOD packs and more.

AllAccessTV (AATV) was a live TV service that claimed to offer over 2,000 live channels, VOD content and more for less than $20 a month.

AllAccessTV (AATV)

The alleged operator of AllAccessTV (AATV) is a Texas-based name named Dwayne Johnson.

Connected Service Quality Restreams has been delivering allegedly infringing movies and TV shows to other IPTV piracy providers, including AATV.

Quality Restreams

What was most interesting about this situation is the alleged lawsuit that AATV presented itself as a VPN provider.

What was most interesting about this situation is the alleged lawsuit that AATV presented itself as a VPN provider.

Most IPTV providers go to great lengths to hide their name, but the lawsuit found that the MPA had already identified Dwayne Johnson as the manager of VPN Safe Vault LLC, the company believed to be behind the “VPN “ site stands.

While Johnson’s legal team initially fought back, the defense said targeting a VPN platform would amount to an “unlawful restriction of trade.”

In May 2022, the parties told the court that while they had no aversion to a settlement, they would press ahead with the investigation.


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With a trial scheduled for July this year, the studios and Johnson reached an agreement on March 16 to end hostilities.

The settlement includes a permanent injunction prohibiting any unauthorized copying, storage and distribution of copyrighted content to Internet users, either directly or indirectly through third parties.

Johnson also agreed not to “distribute, transmit, or transfer any source code, object code, or other technology,” including domain names, trademarks, brands, assets, or goodwill, related in any way to the AATV and Quality Restreams Services.

aatv iptv suit

District Court Judge Andre Birotte Jr. signed the injunction, along with a judgment in favor of the plaintiffs for copyright infringement and damages.

“A total of thirty million dollars ($30 million) in damages is awarded to plaintiffs and defendants,” the judgment said.

More information about this story can be found in the report on TorrentFreak and in the official legal documentation (PDF).

This isn’t the first time that notable IPTV services have run into legal troubles or even been shut down.

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