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The US government releases top piracy threats for 2022 – Yeah IPTV

The US government has published theirs Top Piracy Threats for 2022 in its Notorious Markets report.

This annual report lists dozens of pirate websites, IPTV services, torrent sites, hosting providers, streaming apps and other entities submitted by US government anti-piracy organizations.

The United States Office of the Trade Representative (USTR) released its findings a few days ago and several popular names in the streaming world are mentioned.

The United States Office of the Trade Representative (USTR) released its findings a few days ago and several popular names in the streaming world are mentioned.

According to her official press release, USTR Ambassador Katherine Tai stated the following:

“The widespread trade in counterfeit and pirated goods harms the economic security of American workers and undermines our work on just and inclusive trade policies. The Notorious Markets List is an important tool that calls on the private sector and our trading partners to take action against these harmful practices.”

With the recent shutdown of USTVGO, it only seems like more pirate streaming operations will be in the crosshairs of anti-piracy organizations for 2023.

This USTR Notorious Markets report lists dozens of pirate operations that authorities claim are impacting US jobs.

This "Notorious Markets" The USTR report lists dozens of pirate operations that authorities claim are affecting US jobs.

Top Piracy Threats for 2022

The USTR, in cooperation with anti-piracy groups, has listed several IPTV services, streaming websites, apps, torrent sites and hosting providers in its “Notorious Markets” report to the US government.

Below we’ve listed some of the most notable names from each streaming category. Many of these are household names from the 2021 Notorious Markets list.

Top Piracy Threats for 2022 - IPTV Services

IPTV and streaming sites

  • movies
  • Bmovies
  • Lalastreams
  • Bflix
  • Globe IPTV
  • Wish
  • chaos
  • Network TV
  • spider

Top Piracy Threats for 2022 – Torrent Sites

torrent sites


Hosting providers and cyberlockers

  • 1file
  • Amaratu
  • FlokiNET




social media

Overall, it will be interesting to see what other websites, streaming apps, and IPTV services are next on the radar of the USTR and anti-piracy organizations.

This isn’t the first time notable IPTV services and streaming sites have been shut down by ACE and other authorities:

For more information on this story, see USTR’s press release and official documentation below.

USTR Notorious Markets Report 2022 (PDF)

USTR Notorious Markets 2022 Review – Press Release


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