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US Lawmakers Push for Pirate Site Blocking Measures – Yeah IPTV

US Lawmakers Push for Pirate Site Blocking Measures

US Lawmakers are pushing for more pirate site blocking measures.

In a recent House Subcommittee Hearing, a pivotal moment unfolded as lawmakers witnessed a live demonstration of Fmovies, a popular movie streaming site.

This demonstration marked a significant shift in the U.S. political landscape, hinting at a renewed interest in site-blocking measures for combating digital piracy.

The Reluctance to Tackle Pirate Site Blocking

Historically, U.S. politicians have shied away from the contentious issue of pirate site blocking.

This reluctance stems from the aftermath of the SOPA defeat, which significantly influenced the U.S. approach to copyright enforcement.

As a result, U.S. efforts lagged while other countries moved forward with successful site-blocking strategies.

Global Perspective on Piracy and the Evolving Landscape

The House Judiciary Subcommittee’s focus on Digital Copyright Piracy highlighted the global scale of this issue.

With over forty countries implementing site-blocking measures, the U.S. is beginning to reconsider its stance.

The hearing, led by U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, provided an in-depth look at the challenges of combating digital piracy on a global scale.

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The Evolution of Piracy: From DVDs to International Operations

The committee chairman, Issa, emphasized the evolution of piracy, from local DVD sales to complex international operations.

He specifically cited the Vietnamese-operated site Fmovies, indicating the sophisticated nature of modern piracy.

Vietnamese-operated site Fmovies
FMovies Interface

The Hosting Dilemma: Pirate Sites on Foreign Servers

A critical challenge noted was the hosting of sites like Fmovies on servers outside U.S. jurisdiction, including in countries considered hostile to U.S. interests.

This international aspect presents unique judicial and enforcement challenges, complicating efforts to curb piracy.

Fmovies: A Case Study in Digital Piracy

Fmovies, a notorious pirate streaming site, served as a central example during the hearing.


With its vast library and easy access, it epitomizes the challenges faced by copyright holders.

Karyn Temple from the MPA highlighted the site’s professional appearance and its wide reach, particularly in the U.S.

Karyn Temple from the MPA

The demonstration of Fmovies’s operation underscored the urgency for implementing site-blocking measures in the U.S., similar to those in other countries.

The effectiveness of such measures was evident in the decline of piracy in countries where Fmovies was blocked.

The Debate: Site Blocking vs. Internet Freedom

The hearing also showcased the debate between the need for strict enforcement and the preservation of internet freedom.

Matthew Schruers from CCIA presented the opposing view, cautioning against overreach and overblocking, which could inadvertently affect legal content and free expression.

Schruers argued that the availability of legal content is a more effective deterrent against piracy, advocating for less-invasive enforcement methods.

This perspective highlights the complexity of the issue, balancing enforcement with the protection of internet freedom.

Lawmakers’ Response and Future Directions

U.S. Representative Ted Lieu’s direct interaction with Fmovies during the hearing brought a sense of urgency to the discussion.

His call for immediate action by ISPs to block the site reflected a growing impatience with the current state of digital piracy enforcement.

The Lasting Impact of SOPA and the Path Forward

The hearing also revisited the contentious SOPA debates, acknowledging the lasting impact they have had on U.S. policy.

However, with the global landscape of site-blocking showing positive results, there is a call to reevaluate these measures in the U.S. context.

Conclusion: Seeking a Balanced Solution

The House Subcommittee Hearing on piracy underscored the need for a balanced approach to combating digital piracy.

While there is a clear need for more effective enforcement measures, such as site blocking, concerns about overreach and the protection of internet freedoms remain paramount.

As the U.S. moves forward, finding a solution that addresses both the enforcement challenges and the preservation of internet freedom will be crucial.

For more information on this story, refer to the report from TorrentFreak.

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