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IPTV service operator Marvel Streams arrested and sent to prison – Yeah IPTV

The alleged operator of Marvel streams IPTV was arrested after the closure of the service.

Marvel Streams was very popular IPTV service used by thousands of cable cutters around the world.

Marvel Streams IPTV operator arrested

Marvel streams shut down

As early as March 2022, the IPTV service Marvel Streams suddenly went offline and many of its customers were asking questions.

If you look at the latest tweet from her Twitter account, you’ll find several replies from users saying, “Did the system just go down?” or “What happened to your service?”

Shutdowns and service interruptions can be common in the world of IPTV, but the reason for this shutdown was more interesting.

Marvel Streams IPTV operator arrested

The shutdown of Marvel Stream was reportedly due to the operator being searched in the UK.

Investigators working for BT Sport and Sky apparently bought a subscription to Marvel Streams and confirmed the content was broadcast illegally.

Marvel Streams IPTV service

This case was then referred to the North West Regional Organized Crime Unit (NWROCU), which has been involved in similar IPTV piracy cases in recent years.

Northwest Regional Organized Crime Unit

The NWROCU, with the help of other authorities, has targeted and arrested an individual in Claughton, Merseyside, believed to be the sole operator of Marvel Streams.

The alleged operator was then charged under the Copyright, Design and Patent Act (CDPA), alleging that the suspect, in the course of a deal, “marketed an illegal service that enabled or facilitated the circumvention of effective technological measures.”

Anyone found guilty of this offense will be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of three months, a fine and a conviction on arraignment with the possibility of a maximum prison sentence of two years.

The reports in this story go on to say that the alleged operator of Marvel Streams will appear in magistrates’ court in early October and from there the case will be referred to a Crown Court by November at the latest.

Overall, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the operator of Marvel Streams and who’s next on the UK authorities’ radar.

This isn’t the first time notable IPTV services have been shut down by ACE and other authorities:

Is IPTV legal?

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Marvel Streams IPTV Operator Arrested FAQ

What happened to Marvel Streams?

Marvel Streams IPTV was shut down by UK authorities and the operator was eventually arrested.

What are the Best Marvel Streams IPTV Alternatives?

The best Marvel Streams IPTV alternatives include Vidgo, fuboTV, Philo and others that we include in this list.

Is IPTV legal?

Since some of the apps listed cannot be installed through the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store, it is difficult to determine whether an IPTV app or service is licensed correctly.

Is IPTV Safe?

This all depends on the specific IPTV service. We recommend using a VPN when streaming with free or cheap IPTV apps as we don’t know who develops these apps and what they log.

The official URL for this IPTV service is

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