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The Downloader app is back in the Google Play Store – Yeah IPTV

The Downloader app is officially back on the Google Play Store!

Downloader’s removal came a few weeks ago following ludicrous copyright claims by a law firm representing Israeli TV companies.

But according to an article by AFTVNews, the popular one is Downloader app is now back in the Google Play Store.

After a quick search for “Downloader” in the Google Play Store, you should find the right page.

If you sideload Downloader while it was unavailable, you should uninstall the sideloaded version and install the Google Play Store version to ensure you have the latest app and continue to receive updates.

The Downloader app is back in the Google Play Store

Downloader’s developers, AFTVNews, shared the news on social media:

Downloader is used by millions of cable cutters like you to sideload APKs that are not available on Google Play Store.

If you’re using an Android device and search for “Downloader” in the Google Play Store, you should now be able to find the application.

Downloader developer Elias Saba commented on this shutdown as follows:

“The Downloader app was offline for 20 days, and all because the DMCA was broken with no consequences for people or TV companies on the other side of the world who wanted to abuse it for their own gain. While the app was only down for around three weeks, it has now lost 47% of its active users compared to the day before it was removed.

If you’re up for it, we’d really appreciate it if you’d take a minute and leave a positive review for the app to help it recover from the downtime. Thank you to everyone who has expressed their support for the app’s return and to all the great articles that have been written about the app’s unwarranted removal.”

All in all, it’s great to see the sender community pulling together and helping to draw attention to this unwarranted removal.

It will be interesting to see what unwarranted DMCA takedowns there will be in the future. Hopefully the Downloader app stays in the Google Play Store!

The official URL for this IPTV service is

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