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Yeah IPTV Review: How to Install on Android, Firestick, PC and Smart TV – Yeah IPTV

Yeah IPTV is a premium IPTV service that offers 6000+ live TV channels for €9.99 per month. It also has a lot of sports content that can be streamed at any time. Hence, it is one of the best alternatives to popular premium streaming services. Also, you can make up to 2 connections at the same time without interruption. All content available on this IPTV is in Full HD quality. It includes EPG support so you can keep track of the upcoming programs and when they are scheduled. You can watch Yeah IPTV on Android, Firestick, PC, Smart TV and other devices.

Yes, IPTV subscription plans

It offers various subscription plans with a 24-hour free trial for €2.

  • 1 month: €9.99 (1 connection) & €19.99 (2 connections)
  • 3 months: €24.99 (1 connection) & €49.99 (2 connections)
  • 6 months: €44.99 (1 connection) & €81.99 (2 connections)
  • 12 months: €79.99 (1 connection) & €139.99 (2 connections)

How to sign up for Yeah IPTV

[1] open that web browser on your smartphone or PC and go to the Yes IPTV website (

[2] choose yours desired plan by clicking Buy with Bitcoin.

[3] You will be shown with your BTC address and the crowd.

[4] Do that BTC payment to the given address.

[5] Once the payment is made, enter the Surname and Email ID.

[6] Then click Submit.


[7] Your order will be submitted and a screenshot of the payment or transaction ID will be emailed to you Submit an application form.

Submit request

[8] You will now receive all the necessary access data.

Why Use VPN When Streaming IPTV?

You can use a VPN while streaming IPTV to hide your personal information like IP address and geolocation. Most TV providers track the user’s online history. To protect you from these trackers, you need to use VPNs. Premium VPN offers better protection for our data with encryption and stable connection to every server. Get premium VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN as they offer quality protection for IPTV streaming.

How to install Yeah IPTV on a smartphone [Android & iOS]

[1] To install GSE Smart IPTV of the Load game or app store on the smartphone.

[2] Launch GSE Smart IPTV and click the hamburger icon above.

remote playlist

[3] Choose remote playlist from the menu and select Add M3U URL.


[4] Enter the playlist name followed by the M3U URL.

Add to

[5] click Add to to add the m3u url to your remote playlist.

[6] Once added, you can stream all 6000+ live TVs from the Yeah TV service.

How to watch Yeah IPTV on Firestick

[1] press the Find Option from the menu bar on the Fire TV home screen.


[2] Click on that Seek tiles and search downloaders.

[3] On the next screen, tap Receive symbol followed by the Download Icon to install the Downloader app on your Firestick.

[4] After installation, click the settings icon on the home screen.


[5] Choose My FireTV tile and select the developer options.

[7] Enable unknown source permission for the downloaders apartment


[6] start the downloaders app and enter the Smart IPTV Download Link in the URL field.

[7] Click on walk to install the Smart IPTV on your Firestick.

[8] start the Intelligent IPTV App and note the MAC address seems so.


[9] Go to Smart IPTV Website [] on your browser.

[10] Enter the MAC address and deliver them M3U URL of the IPTV provider.

Intelligent IPTV

[11] After entering all the details, click the Send Button.

[12] Restart the Smart IPTV appp to update your playlist.

[13] Now you can stream all of Yeah IPTV’s on-demand videos.


How to watch Yeah IPTV on PC [Windows & Mac]

[1] open that VLC media player on your PC. If you don’t have VLC, you can download it from the official website.

[2] Click on media from the menu bar.


[3] Choose Open the network stream from the menu.

[4] In the Network section, type the M3U URL and click To play.


[5] Now you can start streaming Yes television.

How to stream Yeah IPTV on Kodi

[1] Download the code App on one of the available devices.

[2] start the code app and click the TV Section from the left panel.


[3] click Enter add-on browser and select PVR IPTV Simple Client.


[4] click To install to install the addon.

[5] Then select Configure and choose General from the left panel.


[6] Set the location to remote path and enter the M3U URL from Yes TV.


[7] Choose OK to add those M3U playlist URL.

[8] Once added, enable the Simple PVR IPTV client.

[9] Restart the app and return to TV Section.

[10] Now you can see the IPTV content is loading into the Kodi app.


[11] Stream your favorite live TV channel on the device.

How to Stream Yeah IPTV on Smart TV

[1] Download and install it Duplex IPTV App on your Smart TV.

[2] After installation, start the Duplex TV apartment

[3] Click on Add playlist and write them down Device ID and device key that appears on the screen.


[4] Go to Duplex website [//] on your smartphone or PC browser.

[5] Enter the Device ID followed by the device key in the required field.

Device ID and Key

[6] Then click manage device.

[7] Click on Add playlist and deliver them Playlist M3U URL.

[8] Choose Save on computer button and return to your TV.

[9] Update the playlist by pressing the appropriate button on your remote control.

[10] Now you can start streaming the available content.


How to Stream Yeah TV on MAG Device

[1] Go to settings Menu on your MAG remote control.

[2] Choose system settings and select server.


[3] Go to portal and click Add portal.

[4] Enter the portal name like Yes TV and the Portal URL as M3U URL of Yeah IPTV [].


[5] Now come back to settings and choose system settings >> device information.

[6] Make a note of the MAC address that appears (starting with 00:1a:79:xxxx).

[7] send that MAC address to Yes IPTV by email.

[8] Restart your device after activation.

[9] After restarting, you can stream all 6000 live TV channels on your MAG device.

How to stream Yeah IPTV on Enigma 2

[1] Download and install DCC or putty Application on your Enigma 2 device.

[2] Open the application and enter the IP address your device.

Note: To find your IP address, go to settings >> configuration >> system >> network device >> Setup Adapter >> settings >> IP address.

[3] Enter those too Connection type setting how Telnet and click Enter.

Yes IPTV - putty

[4] Now enter the username and password of the IPTV provider.

[5] Copy and paste the command line DCC or Putty SSH provided by mail.

[6] Click on Enter to save the changes.

[7] Restart the device and start streaming your favorite TV channels

Customer service

Yeah IPTV provides full guide and guide for installation on all devices. There are also FAQs on the most common errors with detailed solutions. You can also send your request in detail with attachments in the Submit an inquiry form. You will receive an answer within two working days. Yeah TV customer support working hours are between 08:00 and 24:00 CET.


Yes, IPTV is the best IPTV provider as it offers more live TV channels than most IPTV providers. The quality of the live TV channels is also good. Buffering and lag issues are rare. In addition, you can get a 24-hour trial for €2 with a connection without restrictions. Try the trial service and opt for the long-term subscription plans.

The official URL for this IPTV service is

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